So when I launch flix2kodi and select movies or something, it launches the chromium browser and I am faced with a page that says" start your free month" , "sign in" etc. So I signed in once, went back out into flix2kodi and tried to play another movie, on

Ipaddle, responded to you on kodi forums. Essentially what I did was choose chromelauncher as browser in flix2kodi addon, not chromium. This is probably the biggest breakthrough for legit Kodi uses. A local library augmented by Netflix is how we run (not a huge fan of any of the grey streaming  Some NetFlix addons you could try in Kodi: Netflix Kodi Addon Download, [ RELEASE] Flix2Kodi - Just another Netflix-Addon. For any other streaming you'd   6. Okt. 2017 Es kann vorkommen, dass der vom flix2kodi-Addon genutzte Browser Google Chrome im Kiosk-Modus nur halb so groß wie der Bildschirm kodi addon. Big thanks to logi85, z-e-r-o and many others making this addon possible. Changelog 0.6.9. Fixed searching (Thanks to klondi) Fixed superbrowse (Thanks to klondi) Fixed my activity recommendations (Thanks to klondi) Fix

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Now you can install Netflix on Kodi and enjoy the features of two best digital media streaming platforms. Here is the complete Netflix installation guide.